The situation in Ukraine is ever-changing. The Russian invasion into Ukraine will trigger wide-ranging measures targeting Russian financial institutions, sectors of strategic importance, government officials, and oligarchs. Sanction regimes are being imposed on Russian companies and individuals by the US (OFAC), the EU, and the UK. As targeted sanctions come into effect in the USA, the EU and the UK, money flow could be directed to markets such as the UAE and Oman. It is expected that this will increase the sanctions complexity for companies operating in and outside of the  UAE and Oman. It is also likely that additional challenges may  arise with respect to export control measures and asset blocking measures to technology and markets of strategic importance to the Russian economy.

How can KPMG help?

Risk assessment to determine sanction exposure and implement risk-based measures.

Data analysis of sanctions exposure. Our team can support several types of data analysis, including but not limited to:

  • Identification of ultimate beneficial ownership (‘UBO’) and hidden ownership layers, or where the linkage is geographic, corporate structure, and affiliations research
  • Stress test on sanction screening systems to ensure compliance
  • Identifying “Red” flag transactions (i.e. frequent transfer from accounts without logical explanations.)

Executive briefings with our subject matter experts and more general training of relevant staff in understanding and recognizing sanctions risk.

Geopolitical analysis of how governments around the world are reacting to the Russia-Ukraine situation, and what those reactions could mean for your business.

Sanction compliance program. We can assist in designing, updating, and implementing a risk-based sanction compliance program.

Live monitoring of particular matters of interest using state-of-the-art technology and access to thousands of data sources - we provide early warning on critical issues to keep ahead of
emerging risks.

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