Long-term sustainable employment and job security continue to be a global priority in any economy. Nations are striving to redefine and put in place best-in-class initiatives and programmes to develop their local talent pool to meet the ever-transforming and dynamic market needs. The financial industry continues to evolve, and new skillsets and competencies are vital in keeping abreast of strides in digital transformation and automated systems. This evolution in the market has created stiff competition for available jobs: individuals need to upskill and re-skill themselves to remain ahead. This challenge has been amplified and accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The UAE government understands the importance and value of the Emirati talent pool being a part of the broader private sector. The government has launched several initiatives, one of the most recent being NAFIS, aimed at closing the gap in requirements, needs and expectations of both individuals and private sector companies. Within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the private sector has joined forces with the government to develop and deploy national employability programmes which train Emirati nationals to ensure they have the skillsets to build long-term, fulfilling careers.