An ever-changing environment, with a mix of international, regional, and local rules is likely to pose a plethora of challenges to companies with a multi-country presence.  They need to ask themselves whether they have the right structure and expertise to address all the variables to this puzzle: supply chain structure, local customs processes, international trade agreements etc. 

The UAE and Oman have seen a new piece of the trade puzzle emerge in the last few years: excise tax. For companies dealing with excisable goods, the new tax brings new challenges and relevant risk to transactions in the region.

How our clients have benefitted from our services

KPMG’s Customs & Excise team would be pleased to share some of their experience and knowledge of many years of dealing with customs and tax matters, in the GCC and other parts of the globe.

Our services have delivered the following results to our clients:

Trade and customs

  • Building the optimum structure for supply chain and operations in the region, focused on risk mitigation and cost reduction
  • Compliance optimization through health-checks and identification of risks
  • Achieving optimum results in customs audits with reduction of penalties when possible. 
  • AEO standards readiness.

Excise tax

  • Management of excise tax obligations and risk analysis
  • Compliance review on excise obligations and support on amendment of excise returns
  • Support with excise registration
  • Support with communications with the FTA for clarification requests and other administrative procedures  
  • Identification of refund and credit opportunities pertaining to excise taxation.

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