Shippers in the UAE are facing unprecedented challenges that require state-of-the-art, customer-oriented supply chain functions. These must not only rapidly adapt to changing customer needs, but also assist in optimizing costs and reducing risk exposure. 

Supply chain challenges

  • Demand challenges – high variability 
  • Supply challenges – domestic and international 
  • Logistics and manpower challenges 
  • Customer satisfaction challenges

Relevant initiatives and action points

  • End-to-end supply chain visibility
    Create enhanced real-time visibility from supply to delivery 
  • Integrated supply chain
    Establish integrated planning to balance demand, resources and supply 
  • Process excellence and customer experience
    Re-engineer supply chain processes and customer journeys
  • Network re-engineering
    Re-engineer warehouse and logistics network 
  • Cost reduction
    Reset cost profile to improve profitability 
  • Supply chain risk management (SCRM)
    Mitigate diverse risks across the supply chain through multiple interventions