The defense and security sector has been at the fore of most countries’ responses to a series of disruptions over recent years. Whether supporting the continued defense of national interests or leveraging the sector’s capability and resilience to help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequences of the various military conflicts. Responding to the pandemic and countering the impacts of geo-political events is inevitably leading to significant challenges for industry, Government and the Armed Forces. In this new reality, organizations need the insight to be able to respond and reposition themselves in order to remain relevant, competitive and aligned to their mission and vision. 

That’s where our deep sector knowledge and expertise in a wide range of capabilities comes in. We can help identify and capitalize on new opportunities including optimizing supply chains and ensuring domestic resilience, improve acquisition and capability delivery, and support commercial assurance. We bring extensive global experience and make it local. In this dynamic environment, our in-country capabilities can support the full spectrum of services from digital transformation, cashflow and workforce management, mergers and acquisitions, supply chain management or re-alignment, in-country value and local capability development.

Increasingly, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation and implementing new digital processes across production lines and control systems is at the heart of our solutions. With the expertise and insights which we bring, defense organizations will be in a better position to meet current challenges while preparing for the future.

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