KPMG Lower Gulf’s China Desk

Welcome to the page of China Desk of KPMG Lower Gulf!

In recent years, the cooperation between China, on one side, and the Middle East countries, on other side, has been constantly expanding. Having recognised this upward trend, KPMG Lower Gulf has established the “China Desk” to provide tailored services to clients from both sides.
We provide services to clients from GCC (the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain) and the wider Middle East region in relation to their planned and existing investments and projects in China. 
Equally, we provide services to clients from China in relation to their planned and existing investments and projects in GCC countries and wider Middle East region.
Our UAE-based team includes more than 10 people across the various service lines, who worked in China, speak Mandarin and/or local Chinese languages, and know and understand the local specifics of doing business. Our consolidated knowledge and experience with the Middle East and Chinese markets and environment helps us to find the efficient solutions for our clients. In doing this, we are supported by KPMG China firm. 
There are constant changes and developments in the business, tax and regulatory environments in the Middle East and China. By applying the practical and up-to-date experience of our Desk’s team, combined with KPMG’s leading edge knowledge tools and technology, we help our clients navigate changes and achieve their investment goals.

Our service portfolio includes the full range of KPMG’s advisory, tax, and audit services. Based on our experience, the following services are commonly required for foreign investment projects:
• Feasibility study, including business environment, financial, tax, regulatory aspects
• Valuation, financial and tax modelling, supported by financial, tax, commercial due diligence
• Forensics services in relation to potential partners and counterparties, including background check and intelligence
• Investment structuring, including holding, financing, and operational aspects of entry, operation, and exit
• Investment implementation, including deal/investment documents review and negotiation assistance, company and process setup assistance
• Further ongoing assistance, including audit, tax compliance and dispute resolution, ad-hoc/special advisory and tax assistance to remain aligned with ever-changing business trends, local and global tax legislation

We look forward to working with you and supporting your growth in China and the Middle East regions.